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Chicago’s Elite: Kemper Lake

Golf Chicago! is celebrating the best of Chicago. In this season’s issues we are highlighting what we believe are Chicago’s Elite—the top public courses in the area. These are the best of the best in design, playability, service, amenities, and overall experience. For any Chicago golfer, a round at one of Chicago’s Elite is as good as it gets.
Kemper Lakes The golfer who says, “Played Kemper today”, always says it with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s a statement that tells anyone listening that you had a superb day on a great golf course. Oh, it’s not really about the score—scoring well at Kemper Lakes can take a little doing – instead this statement proclaiming where you’ve spent your day is really all about the experience. You want to gloat a bit and let people know you had the opportunity to play one of the best, most challenging layouts in the USA.

There are those who find Kemper Lakes a real monster to negotiate. As many know, the place loves its water, but even those who struggle around its fairways are delighted at the end of the day. It’s just the kind of place a golfer wants to be. Head professional Emil Esposito has called Kemper a “fair” golf course, but “fair” doesn’t mean easy. No one would ever describe Kemper as “push-over course”—not by a long shot.
The Tour players also love and respect this 23-year old gem. It was the site of the 1989 PGA Championship where we all got to watch Payne Stewart hoist the trophy. And, of course, Kemper’s been the host of the SBC Senior Open (formerly the Ameritech Senior Open) for years. Plus, this season Kemper will challenge players from the PGA’s Tour in the LaSalle Bank Open in August.

Next time one of your golf friends says with pride, “Played Kemper today”, don’t ask him his score, or how his game held up, but smile instead and simply tell him he is one lucky soul.

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