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Advil Western Open Multiple Choice

Just what is the Advil Western Open to the people who go there to watch the best golfers in the world?

The answer is: many things.

It’s true thousands of golfing spectators go there to watch booming drives and laser-like approaches, in awe of the skills being demonstrated. On the other hand Cog Hill is a beautiful parkland course with acres of “lawn” just to lounge upon, and why not on a warm summer day. Whether sprawled on the grassy hillside overlooking the 14th green or strolling under the trees along the 9th fairway the Western is truly a moveable feast for golf junkies.

Now maybe you haven’t noticed all these different folks at the Western in your haste to find your own favorite viewing spot, but they are all there. The Photo Partners has supplied us with the pictures, but didn’t identify the people, so we asked the office staff at Golf Chicago! to supply their own. Or you can do it yourself-it’s a multiple choice.

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The lady on the right is saying:
1. “I know the first tee is right over there and Tiger is about to tee off, let’s go!”
2. “Before we start walking this course we have to plot where the beer stands are.” Or,
3. “Before we start drinking beer we have to plot where the Porta-potties are.”
These guys are playing the number 1 course at Cog Hill during
the Advil Western Open because:
1. They can ( It’s true you can play the other courses during the Western)
2. They’re from out of town and don’t know any better.
3. They told their wives they were going out for some cigarettes.
golf golf
These guys watching Tiger Woods warm-up are saying:
1. “I got dibs on carrying the scoring banner for Tiger.”
2. “If I only could get Tiger’s attention I could tell that he’s under-rotating his left wrist by
7 centimeters, then he would win every time.” Or,
3. “ What do ya wanna do tonite?” “I dunno Joe, what do you wanna do?”
This man is smiling because:
1. He just took two Advil and his pain is gone!
2. He just took a quick shot of Scotch and his pain is gone! Or,
3. He’s just happy to be at the Western Open because he cancelled his dentist appointment. ( Now that’s a real pain).
This woman walked the tournament because:
1. She really, really loves golf and the Advil Western Open.
2. She was hoping to get a sympathy hug from Tiger. Or,
3. She was trying to prove to her husband Vinny that no golf course is too tough for her.
Mr. Woods is saying to himself:
1. “I wonder who is going to take second at this year’s Advil Western Open”;
2. “How did I ever get stuck playing behind Bernhard Langer?” or
3. “After dinner we could go to the Swedish Film Festival in Andersonville.”
golf golf
This photograph is:
1. A bad rendition of:“ A Sunday on the La Grande Jatte- Georges Seurat, 1884.
2. Just a couple of folks having a good time on the 14th Cog Hill. Or
3. A secret message- when viewed upside down says, “ John is the walrus.
We just had to show you this picture of the usual early morning scene inside the press tent at the Advil Western Open. You can make up your own captions and e-mail them to Golf Chicago! The best one ( we’ll be the judges of that) gets a dozen Wilson golf balls. The email is

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