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Jazz Golf in the U.S.

Jazz Golf, the largest golf equipment manufacturer based in Canada has now invaded our shores, and the advantage is ours because they have a full line of clubs and gear that display some wonderful technical advantages at very reasonable prices.

First up is one of the most awesome line-up of drivers ever offered by a single company.

The Ball Launcher series is simply the most powerful series of titanium drivers ever designed by Jazz Golf. All Ball Launcher woods use the thinnest legal face (constructed of SP700 titanium) available today. But the big news is size. The Ball Launcher is available in 300, 460 and get ready, a monstrous 500cc version. We tried the two biggies and found both to be wonderfully forgiving clubs. Their shape is very traditional and therefore pleasing to the eye of most golfers. The standard length shaft is 45 inches which by today’s standard could almost be called short, but the effect is to make the entire machine look just right. You really have to try one of these clubs to appreciate their length and wonderful ability to help you find the fairway.

But if you happen to miss the short stuff Jazz Golf has the answer in the form of the Trouble Shooter II woods. Trouble Shooter II woods can pry a ball from any possible lie and deliver great distance. Recent improvements include a lighter shaft for greater clubhead speed, and a deeper face that significantly lessens the chance of hitting under the ball. A smooth sole and tungsten-copper rails completes the package. The Trouble Shooter Pro offers an ultra-hard ceramic insert, deeper face and tungsten copper sole weighting to deliver greater tran

sfer of energy at impact and a lower, more penetrating trajectory for windy conditions. We liked that for all play.
Around the greens Jazz P2W Plus wedges feature a custom hand ground design with heel and toe tapered for maximum drag reduction. Available in both regular face (standard spin) and sandblasted face (extra spin) options, either model brings the ball to a stop-NOW. from even the worst lies that we found in our testing. Jazz also offers P2W Tour Wedges in three standard bounce designs with an array of loft options. For more info on these clubs and the entire Jazz line go or call 800-336-3036x220.

AED’s at Buffalo Grove

The newest piece of equipment at The Arboretum Club and Buffalo Grove Golf Club has nothing to do with saving shots but everything to do with saving a life. Both Village of Buffalo Grove courses opened this spring with brand new Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) to be used when a golfer suffers cardiac arrest while on the links.

Few public golf courses have the units on hand and Buffalo Grove may be on the cutting edge of increased safety at public courses.

The decision to place these AED’s at the two village courses came on the heels of a highly-publicized incident when the life of a 13-year-old Buffalo Grove youth was saved by an AED after his heart stopped following a blow to the chest during a baseball game.

The life-saving defibrillator is just one of many new additions this year at The Arboretum Club, the Dick Nugent-designed 18-hole course at Half Day and Buffalo Grove Roads. The course opened this year following a major renovation and improvement project that featured extensive fairway and bunker readjustments as well as significant design changes to some of its putting greens. Nick Molinaro, Director of Golf (center in photo) wants you to enjoy the courses and hopefully never have the need for those AED’s!

Buffalo Grove firefighters Mike Boyd (left) and Dave Kelly instruct Director of Golf Carmen Molinaro on the proper use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED). The Village of Buffalo Grove recently purchased these life-saving devices for use at its Buffalo Grove and Arboretum Club golf courses this season.

The Eyes Have It—
with Visual Edge Performance Trainer

Have you ever thought about the many ways in which eyes come into play with golf? There’s the proverbial eye on the ball, but what about judging the slope of the green, distances to hazards and how far is that putt really. Most golfers if they think about their eyes at all might put on a pair of sunglasses and stop there. But that’s all changed now and lower scores are in the offing.

The Vizual Edge Perform-ance Trainer is a new CD-ROM-based training tool for amateur and professional golfers who aim to gain a competitive edge by improving their visual skills. The program was designed as an outgrowth of regimens being used with world-class professional athletes and Olympians. The program was developed right here in Vernon Hills at the Visual Fitness Institute headed up by Dr. Barry Seiller, an ophthalmologist. He has been working with high-level athletes since 1989 finding that visual performance training can help athletes of any caliber achieve optimal performance under game conditions. For golfers, the ability to accurately assess distance and angle is paramount, and can take the golfer of any handicap, to the next level.

The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer package includes the CD-ROM, a pair of 3-D glasses and the VizEdge string, which is used to train visual flexibility. The program walks the user through a series of evaluation exercises to begin diagnosing visual skill deficiencies. Once initial skill levels are determined and recorded, the user can begin training exercises to improve his or her visual skills, ocular flexibility, eye alignment, visual recognition, depth perception and tracking. Strong visual skills can be learned or trained, and the Performance Trainer is the ideal tool for the job. Like most training and conditioning regimens, visual training should be done regularly. Long-term effects are generally noticed after four to eight weeks of regular training, which should be continued throughout the year so that newly improved skills don’t wane.

Training with the CD-ROM is done with arrow keys or a joystick and is akin to sports-themed video games. The system maintains a record of the user’s results, which helps athletes track their progress and stay motivated. Because the program has variable difficulty levels, users can work their way up as their skills improve and without the likelihood of boredom. This is really the first teaching aid for the eyes, something that once was only available to elite athletes who trained at specialized facilities.

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