Golf Chicago!
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A Chicago Area Company Produces the Most Popular Golf Arcade Game in the World!

Playing golf is a great experience combining skill, sport and nature. It is a game for the outdoors. But there’s also a very popular golf pastime, and I do mean VERY popular pastime, being played in taverns, bars and arcades all around the Chicago area and the country.

It is Golden Tee Fore! An arcade game that industry executives call “the most popular coin-operated video game in the country”.

Golden Tee Fore! has become so big that every month some 35,000 players compete in online tournaments. Bars are actually reserving tee times to play the games. And Golden Tee Fore! recently appeared in an episode of one of the most popular TV shows—Sex in the City—a sure sign of its big appeal. The game, the brainchild of Incredible Technologies of Rolling Meadows, is also operating inside golf course grill rooms as a perfect alternative for a round cancelled by a rainy day or a way to settle a few of those left over bets from the match just ended.

If you’ve played the game, you know the addiction that sets in. It is highly captivating and a quite physical too. There’s a rolling ball of sorts that you must give a mighty spin to produce big drives and, in fact, some players have recorded drives over 400 yards. It takes plenty of wrist action and some avid players have claimed this can lead to nagging wrist pain.

Nothing can be a true substitute for getting out in the fresh air and sticking a 6-iron close to a tucked pin on an elevated green. But, the next best thing just may be tucked in the corner of your favorite watering hole.

The 4th Annual Chicago Challenge will be held at Official’s Time Out sports bar in Hoffman Estates on Saturday and Sunday, July 13–14.

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