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Let’s take a look at Time spent here should help your game if you are a hacker like me. Many of the issues raised on the site make the strong suggestion to “go take a lesson,” but there seems to be no official connection with the PGA of America. The site is “All About Golf and Improving Your Game” and it appears many people are trying to do just that. It’s the third most popular site on the Golf Index of 100 sites.

I recommend one particular article, which hopefully will still be there by the time you read the column. It’s under Instruction/Articles and the title is “Curing the Slice” by M.B. – whose full identity is never really made clear.

Basically the author takes you through the mechanics of what causes the ball to slice - fundamentally because the club head is not square at impact. I love the explanation of the simple slice equation: A+B+C+D=S (Slice).

A. The hands grip the club tightly and the arms initiate the downswing in an aggressive attempt to hit the ball hard.
B. The club immediately starts on the plane “above” or outside the ideal plane.
C. The club travels across the target line to the left.
D. The arms race past the body causing the heel of the club to come before the toe (open face).

The article goes on to discuss the lack of “feel” in the golf swing and offers drills to gain feel. The key to which is to practice at slow speed and gradually swing harder. I heard a pro at a driving range give this same advice to a student and it seems to make a lot of sense. A $45 lesson for the price of dialing up. I admire how M.B. uses sense of humor and clear English to discuss the cure for this fundamental problem

Oh, but there is much more. Move on down the instruction column to Golf Tips and we have valuable nuggets under many headings - Iron Game, Wood, Short Game, Putting, Fitness, Equipment, Mental, Anim-ated, Warm-UP. And each is worth your consideration if you want to improve your game. Even the Fitness Tip suggests taking up yoga to help with your flexibility. It is the most valuable and long lasting exercise benefit you can develop. Advice I have found personally to be true.

Down at the bottom of this same column is a Golf Fitness Profile - – which, for a mere $69. will offer you a personal golf fitness program that’ll allegedly increase your drives by 30 yards and take eight strokes off your game. I don’t see any guarantee or money back offer. There is a list of questions to answer - Do you walk or ride? Do you need to lose weight? What exercise equipment do you have available? How much time are you willing to devote to this? This is followed by your golf goals - Do you want to increase your driving distance? Lower your score? You are also asked to take a flexibility test, so get your shorts on.

After all the questions are answered you will get your personally tailored golf fitness program - certainly more convenient than a personal trainer and less expensive too. Remember though, getting it done is still up to you.

Ever wonder how handicaps are figured. Go to the “Hand-e-caps” section for a definition of terms and detailed instructions about calculating your handicap and how to get started if you don’t have one. My favorite is the ESC (Equitable Stroke Control), which limits the number of strokes you can take depending on how bad you were to begin with. I always liked the idea of taking one stroke off for each ball you find on a hole since I can ball hawk with the best of them.

It is also worth the time to check out the Links Section. There is a list of another 100 or so sites, most of which are golf related, that can add to your enjoyment. It appears the quality here is good. You can tell there was a lot of time spent weeding out the bad sites.
Enjoy your time on the web, but don’t forget to get out and play some golf. You can’t score birdies on the Internet!

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