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Tournaments and Tiger Woods

Welcome to Golf Chicago! After a miserable beginning to the golf season in early May things seem to be righting themselves as we enter the core of the golf season. And rightly our attentions turn to the professional tournaments this year in Chicago. The Kellogg/Keebler Classic, in late May, the first LPGA event here in over 10 years was a boon to Chicago golf and with the kind of field that was attracted the event shows real promise for next year and beyond.

Golf Chicago!
Not far over the horizon Advil Western Open in early July and then the SBC Senior Open moving from Kemper Lakes to Harborside International on the city’s southside. August brings the new LaSalle Bank Open Tour stop scheduled this year for Kemper Lakes G.C.

Let’s take a moment to talk about T. Woods and the press. Tiger will be at the Western Open again (and let’s hope for the next 20 years as well) and much of the press coverage of the event will center on him. It was back in 1997 that award winning Tribune golf writer Ed Sherman wrote that there was no way Tiger could win the Masters that year. As soon as I read that over morning coffee my mind went “uh, oh Ed look out.” Well the rest is history as Woods went on to win by 12 shots and Ed had to make many mea culpas over the ensuing years. But Sherman is a decent guy and took the ribbing from colleagues in stride. And it took five years before Sherman could remove his name from the Tiger Woods Hall of Shame, to be replaced appropriately by one of his co-workers.

Since Rick Morrissey took over the reigns of the Tribune’s venerable In the Wake of the News column it has become enjoyable reading again. The Trib finally doused its attempt to out Sun-Times the Sun-Times with cynical and negative writers whose names don’t bear repeating. But with Morrissey’s taking over the Wake sports stories celebrating sport and the men and women who inhabit the games has returned, thank you very much.

Nevertheless on the Sunday morning before the final round in this year’s Masters I had to suck in my breath and say a small prayer for Morrissey after reading his offering, now more of a burnt offering. With Woods tied for the lead with the worlds’(then) hottest golfer and reigning U. S. Open Champion Reitief Goosen, and Vijay Singh, Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson close behind Morrissey was positively salivating over the head-to-head competition over the final 18 holes that he was practically predicting. Of course Morressey was proven wrong as each pretender of a contender meekly submitted to the specter of actually going toe-to-toe with T. Woods. After Els and Singh splashed around the 13th making huge numbers I wondered if the Tour thought of changing their tagline to: “These Guys are Good Except when Tiger is in the lead.”

So move over Ed Sherman and let Rick Morrissey occupy the dunce chair for a spell, until some other writer deigns to think Tiger Woods is mortal. Of course I don’t want to be too tough on the guys, after all we know golf is one tough game and when he was on a tear Tiger only won one tournament out of every four he entered. I know he can’t win every time, just don’t ever bet against him.


Golf Chicago! Publisher Bill Daniels

Bill Daniels, Publisher

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